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Heavy Aircraft Carrier Bearn
Heavy Aircraft Carrier Joffre
Light Aircraft Carrier Le Commandant Teste
Battleships Bretagne
Battleships Dunkerque
Battleships Courbet
Battleships Richelieu
Heavy Cruiser Algerie
Heavy Cruiser Tourville
Heavy Cruiser Suffren
Light Cruiser Duguay-Trouin
Light Cruiser Galissioniere
Light Cruiser Jeanne d'Ark
Light Cruiser De Grasse
Destroyers Jaguar
Destroyers Guepard
Destroyers Aigle
Destroyers Vauquelin
Destroyers Le Fantasque
Destroyers Mogador
Destroyers Bourassque
Destroyers L'Adroit
Destroyers Hardi
Destroyers La Melpomene
Destroyers Fier
Escort Bougainville
Escort AM Chamois
Escort AM Elan
Escort CM Castor/Pollux
Ocean Submarine Surcouf
Coastal Submarine Redoutable
Coastal Submarine Requin
Coastal Submarine Rolland Morillot
Coastal Submarine Argonaute
Coastal Submarine Sirene
Coastal Submarine Aurore
Coastal Submarine Saphir
Coastal Submarine Emeraude
Coastal Submarine Diane
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