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Heavy Aircraft Carrier GRAF ZEPPELIN
Battleships Schlesien
Battleships BISMARCK
Battleships Type H
Battlecruiser Deutchland/Lutzow
Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper
Heavy Cruiser Lutzow
Light Cruiser Emden
Light Cruiser Konigsberg
Light Cruiser Leipzig
Light Cruiser Nurnberg
Light Cruiser Orion/Thor/Kurmark
Destroyers Type 34
Destroyers Type 36
Destroyers Type 36A
Destroyers Type 36B
Destroyers Type 36C
Destroyers Type 42
Destroyers Type 1923
Destroyers Type 1924
Destroyers Type 1935
Destroyers Type 1937
Destroyers Type 1939
Destroyers Type 1940
Destroyers Type 1941
Escort CM Bremse
Escort AM Type 1915/1916
Escort AM Type 1935/1938/1939
Escort AM Type 1940
Escort Uj
Escort KUJ
Escort CM Konigin Luise
Escort K-1
Escort K-4
Escort F
Escort SG-1
Escort PA-1
Escort Elbe
Escort Zick
Escort Kamerun
Ocean Submarines Type IA
Ocean Submarines Type VII A
Ocean Submarines Type VII B
Ocean Submarines Type VII C
Ocean Submarines Type VII C/41
Ocean Submarines Type VII D
Ocean Submarines Type IX A
Ocean Submarines Type IX B
Ocean Submarines Type IX C
Ocean Submarines Type IX C/40
Ocean Submarines Type IX D1
Ocean Submarines Type IX D2
Ocean Submarines Type IX D2/42
Ocean Submarines Type X B
Ocean Submarines Type XXI
Ocean Submarines UA
Ocean Submarines Type UD-3
Ocean Submarines UF-2
Coastal Submarines Type II A
Coastal Submarines Type II B
Coastal Submarines Type II C
Coastal Submarines Type II D
Coastal Submarines Type XXIII
Coastal Submarines Type UC
Coastal Submarines UD-1
Coastal Submarines UD-2
Small Submarines Type XXVII B Seehund
Small Submarines Hecht
Small Submarines Biber
Small Submarines Molch
Small Submarines Neger
Small Submarines Marder
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