Soldiers of Empires 2



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Coastal Defence Ship Sverige
Coastal Defence Ship Oscar II
Coastal Defence Ship Aran
Light Cruiser Tre Cronor
Light Cruiser Gotland
Light Cruiser Fylgia
Light Cruiser Alvsnabben
Light Cruiser Clas Fleming
Destroyer Uppland
Destroyer Visby
Destroyer Goteborg
Destroyer Klas Horn
Destroyer Ehrenskold
Destroyer Puke
Destroyer Mode
Destroyer Spica
Destroyer Wrangel
Destroyer Wale
Escort Jagaren
Escort AM Arholma
Escort AM M1/M3/M15
Escort Ornen
Coastal Submarine U-1
Coastal Submarine Najad
Coastal Submarine Sjolejonet
Coastal Submarine Draken
Coastal Submarine Delfinen
Coastal Submarine Valen
Coastal Submarine Bavern
Coastal Submarine Hajen
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