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Allied Order of Battle 1944-1945

US Forces:

6th, 12th, 15th army groups


1st Army
3rd Army
5th Army
7th Army
9th Army
15th Army
First (Allied) Airborne Army


XVIII Airborne Corps
517th Parachute RCT
517th Parachute Infantry Regiment
460th Parachute FA Battalion
596th Parachute Engineer Company
1st/551st Parachute Infantry Regiment
509th Parachute Infantry Battalion
463rd Parachute FA Battalion (75mm)

US Independent Tank Battalions:

(31 were in the ETO: as of January 1st 1945)

70th Tank Bn ((Utah Beach) ETO 6th June 1944) (England November 1943)
191st Tank Bn (SFR ETO 15th August 1944)
701st Tank Bn (ETO August 1944)
702nd Tank Bn ((Utah Beach) ETO 6th August 1944)
707th Tank Bn ((Omaha Beach) ETO)
709th Tank Bn ((Utah Beach) ETO 10th July 1944)
712th Tank Bn (ETO 29th-30th June 1944)
735th Tank Bn (ETO 15th July 1944)
736th Tank Bn ((Utah Beach) ETO August 1944)
737th Tank Bn ((Omaha Beach) ETO 12th-13th July 1944)
738th Tank Bn (ETO 11th November 1944)
739th Tank Bn (ETO 28th November 1944)
740th Tank Bn (ETO December 1944)
741st Tank Bn ((Omaha Beach) ETO 6th June 1944)
743rd Tank Bn ((Omaha Beach) ETO 6th June 1944) (elements)
744th Tank Bn ((Utah Beach) ETO 29th June 1944)
745th Tank Bn ((Omaha Beach) ETO 6th June 1944) (elements)
746th Tank Bn ((Utah Beach) ETO 6th June 1944)
747th Tank Bn ((Omaha Beach) ETO 7th June 1944)
748th Tank Bn ((Utah Beach) ETO 24th August 1944)
749th Tank Bn ((Utah Beach) ETO 29th June 1944)
750th Tank Bn ((Omaha Beach) ETO 25th September 1944)
753rd Tank Bn (SFR ETO 15th August 1944)
756th Tank Bn (SFR ETO 15th August 1944)
759th Tank Bn (ETO 16th June 1944)
761st Tank Bn (ETO 10th October 1944)
771st Tank Bn (ETO October 1944)
774th Tank Bn ((Utah Beach) ETO 24th August 1944)
778th Tank Bn (ETO 15th September 1944)
781st Tank Bn (ETO 7th December 1944)
784th Tank Bn (France ETO 25th December 1944)

(6 were in the MTO: as of January 1st 1945)

751st Tank Bn
752nd Tank Bn
755th Tank Bn
757th Tank Bn
758th Tank Bn
760th Tank Bn

(6 were in route to the ETO: as of January 1st 1945)

717th Tank Bn (ETO February 1945)
772nd Tank Bn (ETO 8th February 1945)
777th Tank Bn (ETO 6th February 1945)
782nd Tank Bn (ETO January 1945)?
786th Tank Bn (ETO 22nd January 1945)
787th Tank Bn (ETO April 1945)

US Tank Destroyer Battalions:

(52 were in the ETO: as of January 1st 1945)

601st TD Bn
602nd TD Bn
603rd TD Bn
607th TD Bn
609th TD Bn
610th TD Bn
612th TD Bn
614th TD Bn (T)
628th TD Bn ((Utah Beach) ETO 30th July1944)
629th TD Bn
630th TD Bn
631st TD Bn
634th TD Bn ((Utah Beach) ETO 30th June 1944)
635th TD Bn
636th TD Bn
638th TD Bn
643rd TD Bn
644th TD Bn
645th TD Bn (SFR ETO 15th August 1944)
654th TD Bn
691st TD Bn
692nd TD Bn (T)
701st TD Bn
702nd TD Bn
703rd TD Bn
704th TD Bn
705th TD Bn
771st TD Bn
772nd TD Bn (T)
773rd TD Bn
774th TD Bn
776th TD Bn
801st TD Bn (T)
802nd TD Bn (T)
803rd TD Bn
807th TD Bn (T)
808th TD Bn
809th TD Bn
811th TD Bn
813th TD Bn
814th TD Bn
817th TD Bn (T)
818th TD Bn
820th TD Bn (T)
821st TD Bn
822nd TD Bn (T)
823rd TD Bn
824th TD Bn (T) (ETO November 1944)
825th TD Bn (T)
827th TD Bn (ETO November 1944)
893rd TD Bn
899th TD Bn

(4 were in the MTO: as of January 1st 1945)

679th TD Bn (T)
804th TD Bn
805th TD Bn (T)
894th TD Bn

(4 were in route to the ETO: as of January 1st 1945)

605th TD Bn
648th TD Bn (T)
656th TD Bn
661st TD Bn

US independent Field Artillery Battalions:

As of 8 May 1945 there were a total of 238 separate field artillery battalions in the ETO, including:

Four 75mm howitzer battalions:
The 463rd Parachute, 464th Parachute, 601st Pack, and 602nd Pack;
Thirty-six 105mm howitzer battalions:
The 18th, 25th, 70th, 74th, 76th, 115th, 130th, 162nd Puerto Rican, 170th, 193rd, 196th, 241st, 242nd, 250th, 252nd, 255th, 280th, 281st, 282nd, 283rd, 284th, 394th, 401st, 512th, 522nd Nisei, 569th, 580th, 583rd, 627th, 687th, 688th, 690th, 691st, 692nd, 693rd, and 802nd;
Sixteen 105mm Armored Field Artillery Battalions (105mm SP):
The 58th, 59th, 62nd, 65th, 69th, 83rd, 87th, 93rd, 253rd, 274th, 275th, 276th, 400th, 440th, 695th, and 696th;
Seventeen 4.5" gun battalions:
The 172nd, 176th, 198th, 211th, 215th, 259th, 770th, 771st, 772nd, 773rd, 774th, 775th, 777th Colored, 935th, 939th, 941st, and 959th;
Seventy-one 155mm howitzer battalions:
The 2nd, 17th, 36th, 81st, 141st, 177th, 179th, 182nd, 183rd, 186th, 187th, 188th, 191st, 202nd, 203rd, 204th, 208th, 209th, 228th, 254th, 257th, 333rd Colored, 349th Colored, 350th Colored, 351st Colored, 521st, 550th, 665th, 666th, 667th, 670th, 671st, 672nd, 673rd, 686th Colored, 689th, 751st, 752nd, 753rd, 754th, 755th, 758th, 759th, 761st, 762nd, 763rd, 764th, 767th, 768th, 776th, 805th, 808th, 809th, 937th, 938th, 940th, 942nd, 943rd, 945th, 949th, 951st, 953rd, 955th, 957th, 961st, 963rd, 965th, 967th, 969th Colored, 974th, and 975th;
Thirty 155mm gun battalions:
The 190th, 200th, 240th, 244th, 261st, 273rd, 514th, 515th, 516th, 528th, 540th, 541st, 546th, 547th, 548th, 549th, 559th, 561st, 634th, 635th, 731st, 733rd, 734th, 976th, 977th, 978th, 979th, 980th, 981st, and 989th;
Six 155mm SP gun battalions:
The 174th, 258th, 557th, 558th, 987th, and 991st;
Thirty-eight 8" howitzer battalions:
The 194th, 195th, 207th, 264th, 529th, 535th, 578th Colored, 630th, 656th, 657th, 658th, 659th, 660th, 661st, 662nd, 663rd, 736th, 738th, 739th, 740th, 741st, 742nd, 743rd, 744th, 745th, 746th, 747th, 748th, 787th, 788th, 790th, 791st, 793rd, 932nd, 933rd, 995th, 997th, and 999th Colored;
Five 8" gun battalions:
The 153rd, 243rd, 256th, 268th, and 575th;
And fifteen 240mm howitzer battalions:
The 265th, 266th, 267th, 269th, 270th, 272nd, 277th, 278th, 538th, 539th, 551st, 552nd, 553rd, 697th, and 698th;
As of 8 May 1945 there were a total of sixteen separate field artillery battalions in the MTO, including:

One 105mm howitzer battalion:
The 175th;
Two Armored Field Artillery Battalions (105mm SP):
The 432nd and 1125th;
Seven 155mm howitzer battalions:
The 75th, 178th, 248th, 631st, 765th, 766th, and 936th;
Four 155mm gun battalions:
The 173rd, 530th, 633rd, and 985th;
Two 8" howitzer battalions:
The 527th and 536th.

US Chemical Mortar Battalions:

2nd (ETO SFR 15th August 1944) 3rd (ETO SFR 15th August 1944) 81st (ETO 6th June 1944)83rd (ETO SFR 15th August 1944)84th (MTO) 86th (ETO 30th June 1944)87th (ETO 6th June 1944) 89th (ETO February 1945) 90th (ETO 3rd February 1945) 91st (ETO 21st October 1944) 92nd (ETO 27th June 1944) 93rd (ETO 29th January 1945) 94th (ETO 4th March 1945) 95th (ETO 29th January 1945) 96th (ETO 10th March 1945) 97th (ETO 26th February 1945) 99th (ETO 24th November 1944 from Italy) 100th (Activated 30th August 1944 Italy)

US Independent Infantry Units:

In addition to the divisions, there were also a large number of separate infantry, parachute infantry, and glider infantry regiments and battalions. Most of them were utilized as garrisons or for guard lines of communication. For example, only a single separate armored infantry battalions (the 526th) saw combat, the remaining fourteen were disbanded or converted to other units.

Six Ranger battalions (1st-6th) were formed. Three of the battalions, the 1st, 3rd, and 4th, were disbanded in late 1944 after suffering heavy losses at Anzio. The 1st-5th battalions fought in Europe and Italy, the 6th Battalion fought in the Pacific.

The separate infantry units that saw combat service were:

In the ETO; the 3rd, 29th, 65th (Puerto Rican), 118th, 156th, 159th (arrived March 1945 after service in the Aleutians) 442nd (Nisei), 473d (organized by the Fifth Army in Italy on 19 December 1944 from three AAA battalions), and 474th (organized in France on 6 January 1945, with the 99th Battalion and remnants of the 1st, 3d, and 4th Rangers and 1st Special Service Force), and 517th Parachute regiments; and the 1st-5th Ranger, 99th (Norwegian), 100th (Nisei, which in mid 1944 replaced the old 1st/442d which was disbanded -- the 100th retained its original designation), 509th Parachute, 526th Armored, 550th Glider, and 551st Parachute battalions.

US Infantry Divisions:

1st Division (Arrived ETO 7 August 1942/Continent June 6th 1944)
16th Infantry
18th Infantry
26th Infantry
1st Recon Troop
1st Division Artillery

2nd Division (Arrived ETO 19th October 1943/Continent June 8th 1944)
9th Infantry
23rd Infantry
38th Infantry
2nd Recon Troop
2nd Division Artillery

3rd Division (Arrived ETO/Continent 15th August 1944)
7th Infantry
15th Infantry
30th Infantry
3rd Recon Troop
3rd Division Artillery

4th Division (Arrived ETO 28th January 1944/Continent 6th June 1944)
8th Infantry
12th Infantry
22nd Infantry
4th Recon Troop
4th Division Artillery

5th Division (Arrived ETO 9th August 1943/Continent 9th July 1944)
2nd Infantry
10th Infantry
11th Infantry
5th Recon Troop
5th Division Artillery

8th Division (Arrived ETO 15th December 1943/Continent 4th July 1944)
13th Infantry
28th Infantry
121st Infantry
8th Recon Troop
8th Division Artillery

9th Division (Arrived ETO 27th November 1943/Continent 10th June 1944)
39th Infantry
47th Infantry
60th Infantry
9th Recon Troop
9th Division Artillery

10th Mountain (Arrived ETO
85th Mnt Rgt
86th Mnt Rgt
87th Mnt Rgt
10th Mnt Artillery

13th Airborne (Arrived ETO 6th February 1945/Continent 10th February 1945)
515th Parachute Infantry Regiment
189th Glider Infantry Regiment
190th Glider Infantry Regiment
676th Glider FA Battalion (75mm)
677th Glider FA battalion (75mm)
458th Parachute FA Battalion (75mm)
153rd Airborne AAA/AT Battalion
129th Airborne Engineer Battalion

17th Airborne (Arrived ETO 25th August 1944/Continent 24th December 1944)
507th Parachute Infantry Regiment (attached)
513th Parachute Infantry Regiment
193rd Glider Infantry Regiment
194th Glider Infantry Regiment
550th Glider Infantry Battalion (attached)
680th Glider FA Battalion (105mm)
681st Glider FA Battalion (75mm)
466th Parachute FA Battalion (75mm)
155th Airborne AAA/AT Battalion
139th Airborne Engineer Battalion

26th Division (Arrived ETO 7th September 1944/Continent 19th September 1944)
101st Infantry
104th Infantry
181st Infantry
26th Recon Troop
26th Division Artillery

28th Division (Arrived ETO 18th October 1943/Continent 24th July 1944)
109th Infantry
110th Infantry
112th Infantry
28th Recon Troop
28th Division Artillery

29th Division (Arrived ETO 11th October 1942/Continent 6th June 1944)
115th Infantry
116th Infantry
175th Infantry
29th Recon Troop
29th Division Artillery

30th Division (Arrived ETO 22nd February 1944/Continent 14th June 1944)
117th Infantry
119th Infantry
120th Infantry
30th Recon Troop
30th Division Artillery

34th Division (Arrived ETO
133rd Infantry
135th Infantry
168th Infantry
34th Recon Troop
34th Division Artillery

35th Division (Arrived ETO 26th May 1944/Continent 8th July 1944)
134th Infantry
137th Infantry
320th Infantry
35th Recon Troop
35th Division Artillery

36th Division (Arrived ETO
141st Infantry
142nd Infantry
143rd Infantry
36th Recon Troop
36th Division Artillery

42nd Division (Arrived ETO 18th January 1945/Continent 18th January 1945)
222nd Infantry
232nd Infantry
242nd Infantry
42nd Recon Troop
42nd Division Artillery

44th Division (Arrived ETO 15th September 1944/Continent 15th September 1944)
71st Infantry
114th Infantry
324th Infantry
44th Recon Troop
44th Division Artillery

45th Division (Arrived ETO 15th August 1944/Continent SthFR 15th August 1944)
157th Infantry
179th Infantry
180th Infantry
45th Recon Troop
45th Division Artillery

63rd Division (Arrived ETO 14th January 1945/Continent 14th January)
253rd Infantry
354th Infantry
355th Infantry
63rd Recon Troop
63rd Division Artillery

65th Division (Arrived ETO 21st January 1945/Continent 26th January)
259th Infantry
260th Infantry
261st Infantry
65th Recon Troop
65th Division Artillery

66th Division (Arrived ETO 26th January 1944/Continent 26th December)
262nd Infantry
263rd Infantry
264th Infantry
66th Recon Troop
66th Division Artillery

69th Division (Arrived ETO 13th December 1944/Continent 26th January 1945)
271st Infantry
272nd Infantry
273rd Infantry
69th Recon Troop
69th Division Artillery

70th Division (Arrived ETO 18th January 1945/Continent 18th January 1945)
274th Infantry
275th Infantry
276th Infantry
70th Recon Troop
70th Division Artillery

71st Division (Arrived ETO 6th February 1945/Continent 6th February 1945)
5th Infantry
14th Infantry
66th Infantry
71st Recon Troop
71st Division Artillery

75th Division (Arrived ETO 20th October 1944/Continent 13th December)
289th Infantry
290th Infantry
291st Infantry
75th Recon Troop

76th Division (Arrived ETO 21st December 1944/Continent 17th January 1945)
304th Infantry
385th Infantry
417th Infantry
76th Recon Troop
76th Division Artillery

78th Division (Arrived ETO 25th October 1944/Continent 22nd November 1944)
309th Infantry
310th Infantry
311th Infantry
78th Recon Troop
78th Division Artillery

79th Division (Arrived ETO 17th April 1944/Continent 14th June 1944)
313th Infantry
314th Infantry
315th Infantry
79th Recon Troop
79th Division Artillery

80th Division (Arrived ETO 7th July 1944/Continent 3rd August 1944)
317th Infantry
318th Infantry
319th Infantry
80th Recon Troop
80th Division Artillery

82nd Airborne (Arrived ETO /Continent 6th June 1944)
504th Parachute Infantry Regiment
505th Parachute Infantry Regiment (attached)
508th Parachute Infantry Regiment (attached)
325th Glider Infantry Regiment
2/401st Glider Infantry (attached)
319th Glider FA Battalion (75mm)
320th Glider FA Battalion (105mm)
376th Parachute FA Battalion (75mm)
456th Parachute FA Battalion (75mm)
80th Airborne AAA/AT Battalion
307th Airborne Engineer Battalion

83rd Division (Arrived ETO 19th April 1944/Continent 19th June 1944)
329th Infantry
330th Infantry
331st Infantry
83rd Recon Troop
83rd Division Artillery

84th Division (Arrived ETO 1st October 1944/Continent 1st November 1944)
333rd Infantry
334th Infantry
335th Infantry
84th Recon Troop
84th Division Artillery

85th Division (Arrived ETO
337th Infantry
338th Infantry
339th Infantry
85th Recon Troop
85th Division Artillery

86th Division (Arrived ETO 3rd March 1945/Continent 3rd March 1945)
341st Infantry
342nd Infantry
343rd Infantry
86th Recon Troop
86th Division Artillery

87th Division (Arrived ETO 13th November 1944/Continent 3rd December 1944)
345th Infantry
346th Infantry
347th Infantry
87th Recon Troop
87th Division Artillery

88th Division (Arrived ETO
349th Infantry
350th Infantry
351st Infantry
88th Recon Troop
88th Division Artillery

89th Division (Arrived ETO 22nd January 1945/Continent 22nd January 1945)
353rd Infantry
354th Infantry
355th Infantry
89th Recon Troop
89th Division Artillery

90th Division (Arrived ETO 5th April 1944/Continent 8th June 1944)
357th Infantry
358th Infantry
359th Infantry
90th Recon Troop
90th Division Artillery

91st Division (Arrived ETO
361st Infantry
362nd Infantry
363rd Infantry
91st Recon Troop
91st Division Artillery

92nd Division
365th Infantry
370th Infantry
371st Infantry
92nd Recon Troop
92nd Division Artillery

94th Division (Arrived ETO 11th August 1944/Continent 5th September 1944)
301st Infantry
302nd Infantry
376th Infantry
94th Recon Troop
94th Division Artillery

95th Division (Arrived ETO 17th August 1944/Continent 19th September 1944)
377th Infantry
378th Infantry
379th Infantry
95th Recon Troop
95th Division Artillery

97th Division (Arrived ETO 3rd March 1945/Continent 5th March 1945)
303rd Infantry
386th Infantry
387th Infantry
97th Recon Troop
97th Division Artillery

99th Division (Arrived ETO 10th October 1944/Continent 6th November 1944)
393rd Infantry
394th Infantry
395th Infantry
99th Recon Troop
99th Division Artillery

100th Division (Arrived ETO 20th October 1944/Continent 20th October 1944)
397th Infantry
398th Infantry
399th Infantry
100th Recon Troop
100th Division Artillery

101st Airborne (Arrived ETO 15th September 1944/Continent 6th June 1944)
501st Parachute Infantry Regiment (attached)
502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment
506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (attached)
327th Glider Infantry Regiment
1/401st Glider Infantry (attached)
321st Glider FA Battalion (75mm)
907th Glider FA Battalion (105mm)
377th Parachute FA Battalion (75mm)
81st Airborne AAA/AT Battalion
326th Airborne Engineer Battalion

102nd Division (Arrived ETO 22nd September 1944/Continent 23rd September 1944)
405th Infantry
406th Infantry
407th Infantry
102nd Recon Troop
102nd Division Artillery

103rd Division (Arrived ETO 20th October 1944/Continent 20th October 1944)
409th Infantry
410th Infantry
411th Infantry
103rd Recon Troop
103rd Division Artillery

104th Division (Arrived ETO 7th September 1944/Continent 7th September 1944)
413th Infantry
414th Infantry
415th Infantry
104th Recon Troop
104th Division Artillery

106th Division (Arrived ETO 1st November 1944/Continent 26th November 1944)
422nd Infantry
423rd Infantry
424th Infantry
106th Recon Troop
106th Division Artillery

US Armored Divisions:

1st Armored (Arrived ETO
2nd Armored (Arrived ETO 24th November 1943/Continent 9th June 1944)
3rd Armored (Arrived ETO 15th September 1943/Continent 24th June 1944)
4th Armored (Arrived ETO 8th January 1944/Continent 13th July 1944)
5th Armored (Arrived ETO 23rd February 1944/Continent 25th July 1944)
6th Armored (Arrived ETO 25th February 1944/Continent 18th July 1944)
7th Armored (Arrived ETO 13th June 1944/Continent 10th August 1944)
8th Armored (Arrived ETO 21st November 1944/Continent 6th January 1945)
9th Armored (Arrived ETO 27th August 1944/Continent 25th September 1944)
10th Armored (Arrived ETO 23rd September 1944/Continent 23rd September 1944)
11th Armored (Arrived ETO 5th October 1944/Continent 17th December 1944)
12th Armored (Arrived ETO 2nd October 1944/Continent 9th November 1944)
13th Armored (Arrived ETO 29th January 1945/Continent 29th January 1945)
14th Armored (Arrived ETO 29th October 1944/Continent 29th October 1944)
16th Armored (Arrived ETO 11th February 1945/Continent 11th February 1945)
20th Armored (Arrived ETO 17th February 1945/Continent 21st February 1945)

UK Infantry Divisions:

21st Army Group

2nd Army
8th Army

I Corps
Inns of Court (Recon)
62nd Anti Tank
102nd Light Anti Aircraft
I Troops Eng

I Airborne Corps

VIII Corps
2nd Household (Recon)
91st Anti Tank
121st Light Anti Aircraft
VIII Troops Eng

XII Corps
1st Royal Dragoons (Recon)
86th Anti Tank
112th Light Anti Aircraft
XII Troops Eng

XXX Corps
11th Hussars (Recon)
73rd Anti Tank
27th Light Anti Aircraft
XXX Troops Eng

X Corps
57th Anti Tank
X Troops Eng

XIII Corps
2nd AA Bde
XIII Troops Eng

1st Division
(Unknown composition)

1st Airborne

3rd Division
3rd Recon Rgt
8th Infantry Brigade
9th Infantry Brigade
185th Infantry Brigade
20th Anti Tank
3rd Division Artillery

5th Division
5th Recon Rgt
13th Infantry Brigade
15th Infantry Brigade
17th Infantry Brigade
52nd Anti Tank
5th Division Artillery

6th Airborne

15th Division
15th Recon Rgt
44th Infantry Brigade
46th Infantry Brigade
227th Infantry Brigade
97th Anti Tank
15th Division Artillery

43rd Division
43rd Recon Rgt
129th Infantry Brigade
130th Infantry Brigade
214th Infantry Brigade
59th Anti Tank
43rd Division Aritllery

46th Division
46th Recon Rgt
128th Infantry Brigade
138th Infantry Brigade
139th Infantry Brigade
Anti Tank
46th Division Artillery

49th Division
49th Recon Rgt
70th Infantry Brigade
146th Infantry Brigade
147th Infantry Brigade
55th Anti Tank
49th Division Artillery

50th Division
61st Recon Rgt
69th Infantry Brigade
151st Infantry Brigade
231st Infantry Brigade
102nd Anti Tank
50th Division Artillery

51st Division
2nd Derbyshire (Recon)
152nd Infantry Brigade
153rd Infantry Brigade
154th Infantry Brigade
61st Anti Tank
51st Division Artillery

52nd Division
52nd Recon Rgt
155th Infantry Brigade
156th Infantry Brigade
157th Infantry Brigade
54th Anti Tank
52nd Division Artillery

53rd Division
53rd Recon Rgt
71st Infantry Brigade
158th Infantry Brigade
160th Infantry Brigade
71st Anti Tank
53rd Division Artillery

56th Division
56th Recon Rgt
201st Guards Motorized
167th Infantry Brigade
169th Infantry Brigade
Anti Tank
56th Division Artillery

59th Division
59th Recon Rgt
176th Infantry Brigade
177th Infantry Brigade
190th Infantry Brigade
68th Anti Tank
59th Division Artillery

78th Division
78th Recon Rgt
11th Infantry Brigade
36th Infantry Brigade
38th Infantry Brigade
Anti Tank
78th Division Artillery

UK Armored Divisions:

Guards Armored
2nd Welsh Guards
5th Guards Armored Brigade
32nd Guards Brigade
21st Anti Tank
Guards Division Artillery

6th Armored
6th Recon
26th Armored Brigade
1st Guards Brigade
61st Infantry Brigade
72nd Anti Tank
6th Armored Division Artillery

7th Armored
8th KRIH
22nd Armored Brigade
131st Infantry Brigade
65th Anti Tank
7th Division Artillery

11th Armored
2nd North Yeo
15/19th KRH
29th Armored Brigade
159th Infantry Brigade
75th Anti Tank
11th Division Artillery

79th Armored
30th Armored Brigade
1st Assault Brigade

Independent brigades:

56th Infantry Brigade
115th Infantry Brigade
4th Armored Brigade
6th Guards Armored Brigade
8th Armored Brigade
27th Armored Brigade
31st Tank Brigade
33rd Armored Brigade
34th Tank Brigade

Royal Artillery Groups:

2nd Ryl Art Grp
3rd Ryl Art Grp
4th Ryl Art Grp
5th Ryl Art Grp
6th Ryl Art Grp
8th Ryl Art Grp
9th Ryl Art Grp
17th Ryl Art Grp
59th Ryl Art Grp

Canadian Armed Forces:

1st Army
1st Royal Artillery Group
2nd Royal Artillery Group


I Corps
Royal Canadian Dragoons (Recon)
7th Anti Tank
1st Light Anti Aircraft
I Troops RCE

II Corps
12th Manitoba Dragoons (Recon)
6th Anti Tank
6th Light Anti Aircraft
II Troops RCE


1st Infantry
4th Princess Louise’s Dragoon Guards (Recon)
1st Infantry Brigade
2nd Infantry Brigade
3rd Infantry Brigade
1st Anti Tank
1st Division Artillery

2nd Infantry
14th Canadian Hussars (Recon)
4th Infantry Brigade
5th Infantry Brigade
6th Infantry Brigade
2nd Anti Tank
2nd Division Artillery

3rd Infantry
17th Duke of York’s Royal Canadian Hussars (Recon)
7th Infantry Brigade
8th Infantry Brigade
9th Infantry Brigade
3rd Anti Tank
3rd Division Artillery

4th Armored
South Alberta Regiment (Recon)
4th Armored Brigade
10th Infantry Brigade
5th Anti Tank
4th Division Artillery

5th Armored
Governor General Horse Guards (Recon)
5th Armored Brigade
11th Infantry Brigade
4th Anti Tank
5th Division Artillery

Independent Brigades:

1st Armored Brigade
2nd Armored Brigade

Polish Armed Forces:

II Corps
Polish Artillery Group


1st Armored Division
10th Mounted Rifle (Recon)
10th Cavalry Brigade (Armored Bde)
3rd Rifle Brigade
1st Anti Tank
1st Division Artillery

3rd Carpathian Division
12th Recon Rgt
1st Rifle Brigade
2nd Rifle Brigade

5th Kresowa Division
15th Poznan Recon Rgt
4th Infantry Brigade
5th Infantry Brigade
6th Infantry Brigade
2nd Armored Brigade
5th Anti Tank

New Zealand Armed Forces:

2nd Division
2nd Recon Rgt
4th Armored Brigade
5th Infantry Brigade
6th Infantry Brigade
2nd Anti Tank
2nd Division Artillery

South African Armed Forces:

6th Armored Division
6th Recon Rgt
11th Infantry Brigade
12th Infantry Brigade
24th Guards Brigade
6th Anti Tank
6th Division Artillery

Indian Armed Forces

4th Indian Division
5th Infantry Brigade
7th Infantry Brigade
11th Infantry Brigade

8th Indian Division
17th Infantry Brigade
19th Infantry Brigade
21st Infantry Brigade

10th Indian Division
10th Infantry Brigade
20th Infantry Brigade
25th Infantry Brigade

Czech armored Brigade

1st Belgian Brigade

Free French Forces:

1e DIVISION FRANCAISE LIBRE (DFL) - (Motorized Infantry Div, aka Free French Division}
General Diego Brosset - arrived in Italy in April 1944
1st Brigade - Colonel Delange
13th DBLE Demi-Brigade de la L?gion Etrang?re, {Half Brigade of Foreign Legion}
Chief Battalion Bablon
1 Battalion of Foreign Legion{BLE}
22nd BMNA Bataillon de Marche Nord Africain {North African "Walking" Battalion *}
2nd Brigade - Lieutenant-Colonel Garbay
4th Bataillon de Marche {BM}
5th BM
11th BM
4th Brigade - Colonel Raynal
21st BM
24th BM
Bataillon d'Infanterie de Marine du Pacifique(BIMP) {Marine Infantry Battalion of Pacific}
1st Regiment d'Artillerie Coloniale(RAC) {Colonial Artillery Rgt}
Lieutenant-Colonel Maubert
1/1 Squadron
2/1 Squadron
3/1 Squadron
155 Group (Long Tom)
1st Regiment de Fusiliers Marins (RFM) - (Marine Fusilier Regiment)
Capitaine de Fregate Amyot d'Inville( KIA 10 June 44)
succeded by Capitaine de Corvette de Morsier. Light Armor.
1st Squadron
2nd Squadron
3rd Squadron
4th Squadron
FTA 21st Groupe Antillais DCA {West Indies AA Group} -Chief Battalion Lanlo
2e DIVISION d'INFANTERIE MAROCAINE {Moroccan Infantry Division}
General Andr? Dody - arrived in Italy in end november 1943
4th Regiment de Tirailleurs Marocains (RTM)- {Moroccan Skirmisher Rgt}
Col Lappara succeded by Col Bridot
1/4 Battalion
2/4 Battalion
3/4 Battalion
5th RTM - Colonel Jopp? succeded by Lt-Col Piatte
1/5 Battalion
2/5 Battalion
3/5 Battalion
8th RTM - Colonel Molle succeded by Col de Berchoux
1/8 Battalion
2/8 Battalion
3/8 Battalion
3rd Regiment de Spahis Marocains (RSM) {Moroccan Spahis Rgt}
Colonel Pique-Aubrun - light armor M5
1st Squadron
2nd Squadron
3rd Squadron
4th Squadron
Auto Services
63rd Regiment d'Artillerie d'Afrique (RAA)- {African Artillery Rgt}
1/63 Squadron
2/63 Squadron
3/63 Squadron
4/63 Squadron
87th Engineers Battalion Lieutenant-Colonel Berthez?ne
FTA 41st DCA group Chief Squadron Blanchet/ Juigner/ Bescond
3e DIVISION d'INFANTERIE ALGERIENNE - {Algerian Infantry Division)}
General Joseph de Goiselard de Monsabert - arrived in Italy in end December 1943
3rd Regiment de Tirailleurs Alg?riens (RTA) - {Algerian Skirmisher Rgt}
Colonel Gonzal?s de Linar?s
1/3 Battalion
2/3 Battalion
3/3 Battalion
4th Regiment de Tirailleurs Tunisiens (RTT) - {Tunisian Skirmisher Rgt}
Colonel Roux( KIA 27 January 44) succeded by Lieutenantt-Colonel Guillebaud
1/4 Battalion
2/4 Battalion
3/4 Battalion
7th RTA - Col Chapuis
1/7 Battalion
2/7 Battalion
3/7 Battalion
3rd Regiment de Spahis Alg?riens de Reconnaissance (RSAR) {Recon Algerian Spahis Rgt}
Lieutenant-Colonel Bonjour (light armor M5)
1st Squadron
2nd Squadron
3rd Squadron
4th Squadron
Auto Services
67th RAA (African Artillery Rgt)
1/67 Squadron
2/57 Squadron
3/67 Squadron
4/67 Squadron
83rd Engineers Battalion Chief Battalion Vilette / Colin
FTA 37th DCA Group Col Blanchet
4e DIVISION MAROCAINE de MONTAGNE (DMM) {Moroccan Mountain Division}
General Fran?ois Sevez - arrived in Italy in February 44
1st Regiment de Tirailleurs Marocains (RTM) {Moroccan Skirmisher Rgt}
Colonel Brissaud-Desmaillet
1/1 Battalion
2/1 Battalion
3/1 Battalion
2nd RTM - Colonel Buot de l'Epine succeded by Colonel Deleuze
1/2 Battalion
2/2 Battalion
3/2 Battalion
6th RTM - Colonel Cherri?re
1/6 Battalion
2/6 Battalion
3/6 Battalion
4th RSM - (light armor M5)
Colonel Lambilly(Kia 18 May 44) succeded by Chief Squadron Dodelier
1st Squadron
2nd Squadron
3rd Squadron
4th Squadron
Auto Services
69th Regiment d'Artillerie de Montagne (RAM) - {Mountain Artillery Rgt}
Lieutenant-Colonel Cerisier
1/69 Squadron
2/69 Squadron
3/69 Squadron
4/69 Squadron
82nd Engineers Battalion Chief Battalion Labouerie
General Augustin Guillaume - Arrived in Italy between November 43 and April 44.
1st Groupe de Tabors Marocains (GTM) {Moroccan Tabor Group}
Colonel Leblanc
2nd Tabor - Chief Battalion Roussel
51st Goum
61st Goum
62nd Goum
3rd Tabor - Chief Battalion Colbert-Turgis
4th Goum
65th Goum
101st Goum
12th Tabor - Chief Battalion Lebo?teux
12th Goum
63rd Goum
64th Goum
3rd GTM - Col Massiet du Biest
9th Tabor - Commandant Picardat
81st Goum
82nd Goum
83rd Goum
10th Tabor - Commandant Boulet-Desbarreaux
84th Goum
85th Goum
86th Goum
17th Tabor - Commandant Al?s(KIA 5 June 44) Commandant Parlange
14th Goum
18th Goum
22nd Goum
4th GTM - Lieutenant-Colonel Soulard succeded by Colonel Gautier
5th Tabor - Captain Parlange / Commandant Villemandy
41st Goum
70th Goum
71st Goum
8th Tabor - Commandant Aunis succeded by Commandant Pantalacci
78th Goum
79th Goum
80th Goum
11th Tabor - Commandant Pejorlas
88th Goum
89th Goum
93th Goum
7th R?giment de Chasseurs d'Afrique (RCA)
Lieutenant-Colonel Van Hecke . Tank Destroyer M10
1st Squadron
2nd Squadron
3rd Squadron
4th Squadron
Auto Services
8th RCA - Lieutenant-Colonel Simon - Tank Destroyer M10
1st Squadron
2nd Squadron
3rd Squadron
4th Squadron
Auto Services
64th RAA - Colonel Latarse
1/64 Squadron
2/64 Squadron
3/64 Squadron
R?giment d'Artillerie (Colonial Artillery Rgt of the Levant)
Coloniale du Levant, Colonel Missonier
1st Group
2nd Group
Groupe de Canonniers Marins (Gunners Sailors Group)
1st Battery Capitaine de Fr?gate Le Coroller equipped with 155mm
GPF (long range Fillioux) these are French guns that the Italians had
taken from south France between 40/43 and retrieved after the landing
of the allied forces.
2nd Battery Lieutenant de Vaisseau Jourden / Capitaine de Corvette Acloque
2nd Armored (Arrived ETO…)
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Re: Allies

Postby Sergey Gafarov » January 26th, 2012, 3:23 pm

little statistical information

Self-propelled TDs in ETO on June 1944
M-10: 691
M-18: 146
M4 Sherman in separate Tank Battalions on June 1944
M-4 75mm: 245
Aircraft assigned to operation "Neptune"
(2 TAF, 8,9 USAAF)
Fighters - 5050
Heavy Bombers - 3460
Light/Med. Bombers - 1650
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Re: Allies

Postby Sergey Gafarov » January 26th, 2012, 4:51 pm

Overlord Area Map
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Re: Allies

Postby Sergey Gafarov » January 26th, 2012, 4:54 pm

Allied assault routes 06 June 1944
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